Comic-Con 2011: Emma Stone: 'Spider-Man' Trailer Is 'Amazing' (Video)

She calls the clip that will air at the San Diego fest "pretty cool...We'll see how people respond to it."
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Emma Stone hasn't seen the Spider-Man footage that will be played at Comic-Con in San Diego yet -- but she did see the first trailer that was yanked off the Web Tuesday by Sony Pictures.


"I've seen the trailer, which I believe comes out ahead of Captain America. I thought it was amazing," Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, tells MTV News.

"It's pretty cool, but maybe I'm a little biased," she adds. "We'll see how people respond to it."

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To prepare for shooting the movie, she and Andrew Garfield (who plays Spider-Man) rehearsed with director Marc Webb "a fair amount," she says.

"I read a comprehensive book on the Stacys, and a few of the comics," she goes on. "Gwen is, I think, maybe a little different in the movie than in the comics. We're kind of staying true to the comics and also building our own thing. I hope people respond to it!"

Stone, Webb and Garfield will present the footage in person at Comic-Con's esteemed Hall H.  "Hall H! I love Hall H!" she says.

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