Comic-Con 2011 Must Have: Return of the Jedi Toy Pack (Pic)

Sneak a peek at this brand new Hasbro toy to debut in San Diego.

One of the interesting aspects of Comic-Con is the exclusive merchandise that is offered up there. "Comic-Con Exclusive!" proclaim many comics and toys and whatnot.

Some stuff is really cool, some stuff is pure pablum.

This...this is on the cool side. Hasbro is issuing Return of the Jedi - make that Revenge of the Jedi, going back to the movie's original title - toys in vintage-looking packaging...inside a package formed like the Death Star (the in-construction one from Jedi).

Comic-Con kicks off Thursday, July 21 in San Diego, California and will run through Sunday. The annual convention will host a "Preview Night" on Wednesday, featuring pilot screenings of Alcatraz, Person of Interest, The Secret Circle and Supernatural: The Anime Series