Comic-Con 2011: Saturday's Official Film Schedule Led By 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' 'Immortals'

The third full day of events also features Joss Whedon, Frank Miller and "The Amazing Spider-Man."
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Kristen Stewart

The Comic-Con schedule for Saturday, July 23, 2011, has been posted for all to see. While TV has tons to see, it’s slim pickings on the film side. There are, however, some high-profile offering.

The highlights:

Relativity’s Immortals panel, from 1-2 p.m. in Hall H, with Henry Cavill leading the cavalcade of the movie’s cast and filmmakers.

More intriguing is Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman presentation. Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin, plus director Rupert Sanders are going to be there. The schedule says exclusive footage will be revealed, but seeing as how the movie doesn’t start shooting until August, it’ll be interesting to see what they show.

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There is a Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel which, depending on how you read it, means that Whedon will be there. Or maybe he won’t. he’s supposed to be shooting The Avengers, which everyone has said is not coming, so if he does show up and doesn’t bring Avengers, I say we make him pay dearly.

And Legendary Comics has its inaugural presentation with Frank Miller and other artists who will talk about their work for the new label.

None of this compares to Friday, July 22’s movie magic offerings, which seem quite awesome.

Comic-Con 2011: What the Film Studios are Planning

Sony will basically own Hall H for the afternoon. The presentation from 4-6:30 will showcase The Amazing Spider-Man, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, 30 Minutes or Less and the currently in-production remake of Total Recall.

From 1:30-2:30 Sony label Screen Gems is throwing an Underworld 4 panel and a spotlight on Attack the Block, the much buzzed about British sci-fi adventure movie.

DreamWorks squeezes in between the two for a Hall H Fright Night panel at 2:45. Yes, Colin Farrell will be there. (With Night and Recall, that’s a double dose of Ferrell of those of you counting and swooning.)

Legendary Pictures doesn’t have any movies in production just yet so it’s calling their panel a “pre-production preview.” Guillermo del Toro and his Pacific Rim cast will be there as well as Jeff Bridges, Bradley Cooper and others. It’s not in Hall H but room 6BCF.

Say what you will about the recent Green Lantern movie, I’m interested in Warner Bros. Animation’s Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which has a panel in room 6BCF. It’ll be one of the few chances to see scenes from a show that doesn’t air until 2012.

And there's also the premiere of the animated adaptation of Batman: Year One Friday night in Ballroom 20.

Check out Saturday’s program and Friday’s program.

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