Comic-Con 2012: 'Twilight's' Taylor Lautner Discusses How Kristen Stewart Went From 'Clumsy and Awkward' to 'Sleek and Sexy'

Prior to the cast's appearance in Hall H, Lautner and Stewart shared a few memories, and a few insights about the experience of bringing the saga to a close.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Lionsgate

Four years after Twilight first overloaded Comic-Con fans with excitement, distributor Lionsgate (formerly Summit) has turned the film’s annual pilgrimage to San Diego into a well-oiled promotional machine. Prior to their appearance in Hall H, cast members Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner sat down in front of a phalanx of journalists and fielded questions about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2, the last installment in the series.

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Although Lautner and Pattinson played enemies in previous Twilight films, Lautner said that he appreciate the opportunity with Breaking Dawn to be able to share the camaraderie that had developed between them—even if there was now a fourth member in their midst. “We’ve always had that relationship,” he said of his friendship with Pattinson. “But it is a little bit different between all three of us because it was this complicated triangle. [With Renesmee] it’s like a square, but much less complicated.”

“A perfect circle,” Kristen Stewart said.

“I like that one better,” Lautner said, revising his observation.

Stewart acknowledged how much changed in their relationships since the first Twilight – especially with Lautner – and how even from the start she had a good sense that they would collaborate well with one another.

“Taylor, you were a kid when I met you,” she said. “And then after New Moon, you weren’t a kid any more. But I knew with both of them, it’s hard to say in interviews because I myself can’t define it, but sometimes you meet people in your life and say we should make stuff together – let’s utilize whatever energy is passing between us, let’s do it.”

Lautner reflexively offered his leading lady a compliment about her own maturation. “Kristen’s done such a good job across this whole franchise being this perfect, awkward, clumsy, relatable girl. And she’s now transformed herself into this sleek, sexy vampire. It was very impressive.”

Meanwhile, Stewart offered a few thoughts about how far she feels like she’s come while filming the series, and how it reinforced her affection for acting. “Maybe it just affirmed why I do what I do,” she speculated.

“You don’t need to do an indie movie to feel like you’re intimately controlling it with a few people that you’re connected with creatively. You can do it on a bigger scale, and maybe it’s changed my mind on that a little.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 arrives in theaters November 16, 2012.

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