Comic-Con: Legendary Finally Gives 'Warcraft' a Close-Up

Hall H shook when director Duncan Jones debuted seven minutes of footage.
Courtesy of Dunan Jones/@manmademoon
Hall H shook when director Duncan Jones debuted seven minutes of footage.

Director Duncan Jones gave Comic-Con fans a closer look at Warcraft.

It was Jones' third year at Warcraft, but the first time he had backup, bringing 10 castmembers with him, each introduced as 10-second sizzle reels for each character played on the panorama Hall H screen.

Hall H shook when Jones debuted seven minutes of footage, including an early section of the film painting the Orcs as both somewhat sympathetic (their world is dying) and menacing (they used the souls of 1,000 prisoners to open a portal to travel to where mankind lives).

A key to the film, the panelists said, is it's not a clear-cut case of good versus evil.

Onstage, there was a bit of a rivalry between the actors who worked in motion capture and those who had to wear traditional costumes.

"We had to wear sweaty wigs and very heavy armor. I couldn't lift up my sword. It was pathetic. I've never seen such a big sword," Dominic Cooper said to big laughs.

It faced something of an uphill battle going into this year's convention, with the fanboy crowd hesitantly optimistic about the project given the spotty track record of videogame adaptations.

Jones revealed a generous amount of footage at last year's Comic-Con, with the film telling of the first encounters between humans and orcs.

Shooting had already wrapped by the time last year's presentation happened, with the film's ambitious effects the reason so much time has been plotted for postproduction.

Warcraft is set for June 10, 2016.