Comic-Con: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman Get Lego Mighty Micros Treatment (Exclusive)

Batman vs. Killer Moth_Lego_Set - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of LEGO
Doomsday will make his Lego toy debut as he squares off against Wonder Woman.

Lego is expanding its Super Heroes Mighty Micros line with some new sets, one of which features the brick debut of DC villain Doomsday.

The micro line is a tiny, some would say cute, version of well-known characters and their vehicles. Lego first tried a diminutive line with Star Wars Microfighters and this year moved onto DC and Marvel superheroes. The toys proved popular with kids and collectors so Lego is putting more in the pipeline.

Three new DC sets will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con: Batman vs. Killer Moth, Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday, and Superman vs. Bizarro.

Batman flies with his Batcopter to face off Killer Moth’s vehicle while Wonder Woman, with a sword and shield, pilots her invisible jet against Doomsday’s car. Superman’s car comes with fists that he can bump against Bizarro’s fists on the latter’s back-to-front automobile. Batman is in his ’66 version while the other heroes are also in classic incarnations, not forms from the recent films.

Sadly, those attending SDCC will be able to look but not touch: the sets won’t go on sale, at $9.99 a pop, until January 2017.

Check out the exclusive peek above and below.