DC Brings Back Classic Characters, Creators for 2016 Comic Book Launches

Metal Men - S 2015
<p>Metal Men - S 2015</p>   |   Ross Andru/DC Entertainment
The creators of 'Swamp Thing,' 'Raven' and 'Katana' return for new miniseries

DC Entertainment is looking to the past for eight newly announced miniseries launching in early 2016, not only reviving classic characters, but working with fan-favorite creators from the publisher's past, as well.

In total, eight new series will launch, each one intended to dust off a concept or character from DC's back catalog and, as co-publisher Dan DiDio told USA Today, "freshen up and contemporize" them. The eight series are Swamp Thing, Metal Men, Raven, Firestorm, Katana: Cult of the Kobra, Metamorpho, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death and Sugar & Spike.

Many of the series see the characters' creators returning to write them for the first time in years; Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Gerry Conway and Mike W. Barr will all be handling their creations for the new series (Wolfman writing Raven, Wein Swamp Thing, Conway Firestorm and Barr Katana; Wein will also be writing the new Metal Men series). Other writers announced for the minis include Amy Chu on Poison Ivy and Keith Giffen on Sugar & Spike.

"This is about character but there is a complete story in every one of those miniseries," DiDio explained. Each series "has a beginning, middle and end, and something that affects the course of that character that we would be able to launch and take further if things are successful."