Comic-Con 2012: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone Make First Appearance to Audience Frenzy

'The Expendables 2'
<p><strong>Arnold Schwarzenegger, </strong>center, and <strong>Sylvester Stallone,</strong> left, made their first Comic-Con appearance at a panel for Lionsgate&rsquo;s <em>Expendables 2</em> on Thursday afternoon. Football player-turned-actor <strong>Terry Crews</strong>, right, also muscled in on the action to promote the film, which will be released Aug. 17.</p>   |   Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Amid shouting from the crowd, the jokey "Expendables 2" stars talk about their first meeting in the 1970s and reveal who would win in a fight.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone made for a high-testosterone bromance at they made their first Comic-Con appearance at a panel for Lionsgate’s Expendables 2 on Thursday afternoon.

Football player-turned-actor Terry Crews, MMA champion Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren also muscled their way into the action, doing their bit to promote the film, which will be released Aug. 17.

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The panel itself was filled with the hype -- and while that isn’t unusual at Comic-Con, this particular panel seemed to raise it to new levels. With decades of Hollywood action movies under their mutual belts, Stallone and Schwarzenegger proved to be slick salesmen who know how sell their wares.

They showed off their gregarious natures, too, exchanging plenty of jokes in what amounted to a veritable love fest that had the audience in Hall H responding with shouts directed at the stage.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger -- the former governor of California received a standing ovation when he first walked on to the stage -- reminisced about how they first met during the late 1970s at a Golden Globe Awards party, when Stallone dumped flowers on Schwarzenegger and Stallone’s mother remarked, “You look like a piano mover.”

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Fans lined up to ask the two legends questions. One man wanted to know, “If there was a fight between the five of you right now, who would win?”

“Whoever has the best lawyer,” Stallone joked.

But he got serious when it came to explaining his philosophy behind Expendables, arguing that today’s action movies have gotten more technical and more unbelievable. He wanted to return to something more visceral, he said. But he also didn’t want to carry the whole weight of the project himself.

"I thought if you bring in some new blood, some old blood, there’s strength in numbers. You can bring it back and make it relevant,” he said. “Everybody here is a star in their own world, and if you put it all together, you get a galaxy.”

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Schwarzenegger also touched on the sequel to Twins -- Triplets (news of which THR broke in March) -- offering an update.  

“I think that we’ve moved it along," he said. "Ivan Reitman has shown interest again, and Universal loves the idea. We are now looking for a great writer to writ the sequel. I think it would be hilarious.”

He also said he really wanted to return to comedy “because there’s a funny side to me.”