Comic-Con: Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight III' to Feature Additional 16-Page Mini-Comics

Miller will co-write and create artwork for the new series, with all-star guest artists illustrating new stories.
Andy Kubert/Klaus Janson/DC Entertainment

While plot details about The Dark Knight III: The Master Race remain under wraps ahead of its launch this fall, DC Entertainment has given fans one thing they can expect from Frank Miller's return to Batman: more. In addition to the core 32-page comic book, each issue of the eight-issue series will include an additional 16-page mini-comic illustrated by a number of guest artists.

In a statement, DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee said that the company was "pulling out all the stops" when it comes to the conclusion of the trilogy started with Miller's classic 1986 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (DK2: The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2002). "We hope it inspires the next generation of writers and artists the way it has already inspired us," they added.

Miller and 100 Bullets writer Brian Azzarello will co-write the series, and Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson will create art for the main comic book — although Miller himself will contribute artwork to the covers and interiors of the series. The mini-comics will center on different characters in the Dark Knight universe, with a list of artists to be announced at a later date.

The series marks Janson's return to The Dark Knight; the artist worked with Miller on the original series' art. "Any opportunity to work with Frank Miller is a happy occasion for me," the artist said in a statement. "When we add the talents of Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert to the mix, we have the ingredients to achieve something truly memorable."

Talking to reporters Thursday morning, Didio said that the subtitle for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race might have drawn commentary when the series was originally announced, but that Miller had "made a career out of raising eyebrows. Having that subtitle puts an onus on us to ensure that the work stands up to the increased attention."

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race will launch later this year.