Comic-Con: 'Fury Road' Director George Miller Talks 'Mad Max' Prequel, Mel Gibson

Fury Road Comic Con - H - 2014
Associated Press
“Who knew that Mel would turn into Mad Max at one point," joked moderator Chris Hardwick during the Hall H panel.

While fan excitement was at a fever pitch for Batman v. Superman, the footage at the Fury Road presentation was among the most audacious shown at this year's Con and had fans rapt in silence.

Fury is Warner Bros. years in the making prequel to the Mad Max movies from Australian George Miller. The last movie was released in 1985 and all three of the projects starred Mel Gibson.

Moderator Chris Hardwick put Miller on the spot when he joked about Gibson's fall from Hollywood grace in recent years. "Who knew that Mel would turn into Mad Max at one point," he said.

Miller was speechless. Then he tackled the topic diplomatically.

"They have that eternal tension," Miller said, referring to Gibson's charisma. " On one hand they are entirely lovable and accessible. And on the other there is that element of danger … It applies to every charismatic person."

The new movie stars Tom Hardy as the character originated by Gibson and also features Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult. While the actors were not present, Miller did talk of the journey to make a new movie.

Miller also showed an extended look that featured desert vistas, elaborate and panoramic car chases, skull-drawn characters with an assortment of Medieval weaponry and an epic electrical storm with tornadoes that the heroes drive into while being chased. The scenes were intense in their action, and most importantly, looked like something audiences have seen in a previous film in the series.

"It was very familiar," said Miller about returning to the Mad Max world. "A lot of time has passed. Technology has changed. It was an interesting thing to do. Crazy, but interesting."

He called the move "a Western on wheels. Even if it's in the future, we have gone back the more elemental behaviors. More medieval. The setting is very spare and clear."