Gerard Way's 'Young Animal' Staging Crossover with Mainstream DC Universe

The superhero imprint will bring some strangeness to mainstream DC characters in 2018.
Frank Quitely/DC Entertainment

The first year of Young Animal, musician Gerard Way's "pop-up" imprint from DC Entertainment, is going to end in a genuinely unexpected way. The finale will bring the skewed characters from Doom Patrol, Shade the Changing Girl, Mother Panic and Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye into their very first comic book crossover — not only with each other, but also the heroes of the mainstream DC comic book universe.

Way announced the four-issue storyline during the Young Animal panel Friday evening at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing that each series will have a one-off Special issue in January 2018 that will feature their characters crossing over with a mainstream DC property, beginning with Doom Patrol Special, co-written by Way and Justice League of America writer Steve Orlando, featuring the JLA. Art for the special will come from Orlando's Midnight collaborator ACO, with a cover (above) by Frank Quitely.

Information on the other three special issues will be released in coming months, according to Way, although he did tease that each series will change in some way as a result of their particular mainstream crossover.