Comic-Con: Giant Costume Won't Fit on Elevator, Forced to Take Escalator Instead

You can file this one under #ComicConProblems.

Here's a problem that the heroes of Sugar Rush never had to deal with. 

Erin Vedar, an attendee at this year's Comic-Con, dressed up as Vanellope, the plucky 9-year-old character voiced by Sarah Silverman in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. Vedar's elaborate, handmade costume even included the confection-centric race car.

However, getting from the third floor to the ground floor of the San Diego Convention Center proved challenging, as Vedar learned that her "vehicle" wouldn't fit into the elevator. 

Eventually, she was able to squeeze onto the escalator but needed to enlist the help of a staff member, who rode with her down both flights to hold up the back of her costume.

Vedar tells The Hollywood Reporter that the costume took her and a fleet of friends a week to complete, and she admits that the difficulty going up and down stairs is a definite drawback.

Luckily, wearing such an eye-catching costume has its perks as well.

"This morning, I met King Candy!" Vedar says. "The voice of King Candy [Alan Tudyk, Suburgatory] went up to me and is like, (in a booming voice) 'I'm King Candy!' It was the moment of my whole life."

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