Comic-Con: Grant Morrison Announces Two New Graphic Novel Series With DC

The Multiversity Cover - S 2015
<p>The Multiversity Cover - S 2015</p>   |   Ivan Reis/DC Entertainment
'Multiversity Too' and 'Batman: Black and White' sees the writer move into longform format.

DC Entertainment is about to become a little more crowded, with Grant Morrison launching a new line of graphic novels based on the alternate worlds he created for his critically acclaimed The Multiversity series, it was revealed during his San Diego Comic-Con panel Saturday.

The new series, which will be published under the umbrella title Multiversity Too, will draw from the Multiversity Guidebook Morrison wrote for the earlier series, which featured introductions to 52 different Earths, each filled with superheroes inspired by core DC characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The series will launch with The Multiversity: The Flash in 2016, although the identity of that speedster — whether it's the regular DC version Barry Allen, Earth 2's Jay Garrick or Earth 16's Wally West, to name but three — remains a mystery, as does the artist for the project.

Multiversity Too wasn't the only new line of graphic novels Morrison announced with DC during the panel; he'll also be returning to the company's Dark Knight franchise for a new series titled Batman: Black and White, which will pair the writer with a rotating cast of artists for an anthology in which he'll explore different facets of the Caped Crusader.

The two new series add to an already busy schedule for Morrison; his long-gestating 18 Days series based on Indian mythology launched with a Humble Bundle announced on Thursday, and he was also named as the new editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal earlier this week. Talking to THR about his schedule, he joked, "I'm like a shark; if I rest I die!"