Comic-Con: Hasbro Bringing Jabba the Hutt and Rom Toy Exclusives

Also available will be an Infinity Gauntlet action-figure pack, a Rockin' Romance JEM doll, a Transformers Kreaon 3-pack, Magic the Gathering and special-edition Joe figures.

Toys are a huge part of the collectible market, and if you ever wonder who is buying action figures for hundreds or thousands of dollars, then look no further than Comic-Con.

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Part of the toy-collecting experience is amassing the product made exclusively for the conventiongoer, and Hasbro has that market nailed pretty tight, with not just its stalwarts G. I. Joe and the Transformers line, but also its licenses from Star Wars and Marvel, too. (And let’s not forget My Little Pony.)

Hasbro has unveiled its official lineup of limited-edition action figures and assorted playthings. Among the highlights:

— A 6-inch Jabba the Hutt with his throne room. It comes with a railing, a hookah and an articulated Salacious Crumb figure as well as a display that's part of Hasbro's acclaimed Black Series line. The figure goes for $64.99.

— A special edition Mighty Mugg figure Rom the Space Knight. Rom was a Parker Bros. toy in 1979 that was the basis of a Marvel comic and has a cult following. (Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is a fan.) Hasbro is celebrating the 35th anniversary with a 5.5 inch figure that costs $22.99.






















— Among the two Marvel exclusives is The Infinity Gauntlet action-figure pack that will go for $74.99. The set includes four exclusive 3.75-inch Marvel Infinite Series action figures — Thanos, Mistress Death, Nebula and Starfox — and comes with a wearable foam Infinity Gauntlet glove, a replica of the reality-controlling artifact that figures in upcoming Marvel movies.











— A 12.5-inch Rockin' Romance JEM doll. In a complete nod to those who don’t even take toys out of the package, Hasbro has this little lady wrapped in a commemorative edition retro pack, inspired by the original never-before-released Rockin' Romance box art created for the original line in the 1980's and a sturdy, ultra sleek mirror finish outer box. But she's not cheap: $139.99.

Other Hasbro toys available will be a Transformers Kreaon 3-pack (with Kreon toys made in the 1984 version of the Transformers line), Magic the Gathering and special-edition Joe figures.

Following the convention, a limited number will be available on — but then that's it.