Comic-Con 2012: Hasbro Premieres Star Wars, Marvel and G.I. Joe Exclusives

Hasbro Toys Three Split - P 2012
<p>Hasbro Toys Three Split - P 2012</p>
Also making its debut will be a Hollywood Jem doll from "Jem and the Holograms," as well as toys from Transformers and My Little Pony.

Toy exclusives make up a key part of the Comic-Con experience; people are wiling to shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for toys that will be available only at the convention.

Hasbro unveiled its official line-up of limited edition action figures and assorted playthings that will be offered exclusively at the annual San Diego celebration of all things geeky.

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One of the highlights will be a Star Wars collector’s pack, featuring one character from each of the six movies in a hexagon packaging which resembles the packaging abandoned by toy company Kenner in the 1970s when it chose one with a black and silver look. Expect to shell out $79.99 for the set, which also comes with a hidden Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite figure in the centre.

Marvel characters will have a presence with an Uncanny X-Force collector’s pack featuring Wolverine, Archangel, and Psylocke from The Fall of Archangel storyline ($44.99), plus a Masters of Evil pack (Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark, $29.99). The piece de resistance, however, may be the giant SHIELD Super Hericarrier that is four-feet long (!). If you include the packaging, it’s five-feet long. The cost: $129.99.

There are also two G.I. Joe editions – action figure of female ninja Kim Arashikage ($14.99) and Joe/Transformers mash-up H.I.S.S. tank with Shockwave decoration ($64.99). Speaking of Transformers, there will be a Terrorcon Cliffjumper figure ($24.99) from the Transformers Prime TV show, plus a combiner set where five figures link together to become the Decepticon Bruticus ($99.99).

On the softer side, Hasbro will have a special edition of a Jem and the Holograms doll. The Hollywood Jem 12-inch doll will sell for $125. Also on tap is a Pegasus pony from the My Little Pony line ($19.99), which has become a surprisingly popular property at Comic-Con.

The toys will be available starting July 11, commonly known as Preview Night.