Comic-Con: Josh Trank Takes Stage for Fox's 'Fantastic Four'

The 'Fantastic Four' helmer recently exited the 'Star Wars' spinoff.
The 'Fantastic Four' helmer recently exited the 'Star Wars' spinoff.

Josh Trank made his first public appearance since exiting the Star Wars spinoff film at Fox's presentation at Comic-Con on Saturday.

Trank directed the Fantastic Four reboot starring Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell. The film is set for release on Aug. 7.

"After Chronicle I wanted to tackle the same subject as a movie movie and not as a found footage movie," he said, adding: "I wanted to show a side of the characters that I had never seen before, the more tragic side of the story that you see in the first year of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby."

There was no Q&A session for the Fantastic Four panel, although Fox bucked that popular trend for its Victor Frankenstein and Scorch Trials panels as well.

Trank abruptly exited from the Star Wars universe on May 1 when Disney and Lucasfilm announced that he would no longer direct one of the planned stand-alone films. Trank has been scheduled to appear at the Star Wars Celebration event in April, but was a no-show, tweeting that he had the flu. THR later reported that the director was asked to not attend.

Although his departure was framed a "personal decision" in an official statement, an alternative narrative emerged shortly after the news broke. 

Problems during the shoot for Trank's upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four for Fox and his "erratic" behavior were said to have elicited pause among Lucasfilm executives, The Hollywood Reporter reported on May 1.