Comic-Con: Joss Whedon to Tackle Comic Project on "Victorian Female Batman"

Twist - P - 2015
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A new six-issue comic book series is titled 'Twist.'

The next Joss Whedon project won't appear on television or the big screen. Announced during his spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday was a new six-issue comic book series titled Twist.

Telling the Hall H crowd that it's been "an interesting time" since his last appearance at the convention — he had to skip last year's show due to production on Avengers: Age of Ultron — he joked that he was recovering from the experience of working on the Avengers movies. "I feel like, five years ago, a tornado ripped up my house and dropped it in the land of Marvel," he joked. "It's been a weird time."

Announcing the series, he said that he "did want to get back to something I loved very much, which is putting my hand to a comic book again." The result is Twist, which Whedon explained with one simple sentence. "It basically deals with the most important question there is, which is why isn't there a Victorian female Batman?"

The preview art shown at the panel was by Julian Totino Tedesco, but no release date was announced.

After a question and answer session with fans, the panel closed with Comic-Con International David Glanzer paying tribute to Whedon's career, before presenting the writer and director with Comic-Con's Icon Award in recognition of his contributions to popular culture.

"This is honestly the most beautiful murder weapon I've ever gotten, and the fact that they so beautifully scratched out 'J.J.' and wrote in my name," Whedon joked. "I didn't expect to get moved by it, but I really am. Thank you," he told the crowd. "This means an enormous amount to me."