Comic-Con: 'Krampus' Brings Adam Scott, Toni Collette

WETA built the monsters for the movie, which is said to give it the feel of 1980s horror classics.
AP Images/Invision
Adam Scott, Toni Collette

It was a merry Krampus at Comic-Con.

Krampus director Michael Dougherty brought the first trailer for his Christmas horror film, and took the opportunity to explain who Krampus is for the uninitiated. He's a character from European folklore who is essentially the dark Santa Clause. Instead of bringing presents, he throws you in a bag and beats you with a stick.

The trailer — set to a creepy rendition of "Carol of the Bells" — starts off with a happy family on Christmas, but as night falls, Krampus begins to terrorize them (he's teased but not shown in the trailer). Castmembers Toni Collette and Adam Scott came out to discuss the horror film, which features practical monsters rather than CGI.

"It felt like we were a functional, dysfunctional family living in a house and these monsters were actually trying to kill us," said Scott of the two-month shoot.

Dougherty said WETA built the monsters for the movie, which gives it the feel of 1980s horror classics like Poltergeist.

"The slime looks so much better when it's real," said Dougherty.