Comic-Con: Last Lego Exclusive Set Is the Coolest

12 REP NEWS Action Comics No. 1
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
It's an Action Comics No. 1 diorama.

Lego has unveiled the last of its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sets and it is the coolest one yet: a diorama recreating Action Comics No. 1. 

The set features Superman holding a car above his head as he smashes it into a rock as seen in Joe Shuster's famous 1938 cover. It contains 145 pieces and will sell for $39.99. Like the other SDCC exclusives from Lego, there will be a lottery held at the Pavillion Terrace to determine who can purchase the set. 

The only thing that would make this set even cooler? If it came with an exclusive Golden Age Superman minifigure resembling the one on the cover. Instead, Lego included a stock Superman that has shown up in other sets. 

This is the fourth Lego exclusive Comic-Con set to be revealed. The other three are a Sam Wilson-as-Captain America minifigure, Ultron's throne room (from Avengers 2) and a Star Wars Dagobah diorama featuring a mini brickbuilt Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

The Lego exclusives are among the hottest giveaways at Comic-Con and are likely to show up on eBay soon after selling for outrageous prices.  

See the Superman set below, which was first revealed at Collider