Comic-Con: Lego Offering 'Hobbit' Minifigure, Bringing Giant Smaug (Exclusive)

Smaug Bard Split - H 2014
<p>Smaug Bard Split - H 2014</p>
Bard the Bowman will be one of four limited-edition minifigures fans will have a chance to pick up at Comic-Con.

Lego has for years been one of the standouts at Comic-Con.

The toy company occupies one of the bigger spaces that attracts both adults and kids, where attendees can spend time building things using buckets full of bricks, pose for photos with life-size Lego-made Hulks and Darth Vaders, and, most importantly for collectors, acquire exclusive Comic-Con-only minifigures.

After the success of this year’s The Lego Movie, look for the brick toy company to have perhaps its biggest Comic-Con appearance yet.

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With Peter Jackson’s final chapter of The Hobbit hitting screens this December, Warner Bros. is bringing the movie as part of its Saturday Hall H line-up, and Lego will have its own tie-ins with the movie as well.

It will be giving away an exclusive, limited-numbered minifig of Bard the Bowman (played by Luke Evans in the movies). (Among the other minifigs at the Con will be the Collector, a character from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, a DC fig and one from The Lego Movie.) This year, to avoid chaos, the company has a system wherein an attendee's badge is scanned to determine a "winner" in a lottery-style giveaway. 

But the piece de resistance could very well be the human-size figure of Smaug, the gold-hoarding dragon from the J.R.R. Tolkien book.

The figure will be seen at the Warners booth and will stand over six feet tall. It took builder Erik Varszegi 625 hours to design and build the construct, which is made out of 83,433 pieces of Lego and weighs 411 pounds.