Comic-Con: 'Chronicle' Writer Max Landis to Pen 'Superman: American Alien' Comic Series

American Alien Cover - S 2015
<p>American Alien Cover - S 2015</p>   |   Ryan Sook/DC Entertainment
Seven-issue series will reveal the history of the Man of Steel.

Chronicle writer Max Landis is going from superpowered Seattle high school students to the most iconic superhero of them all with a new project announced at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. He'll be writing Superman: American Alien for DC Entertainment, a comic book series about the pre-Superman life of Clark Kent.

Each of the seven issues of American Alien will team Landis with a different artist — including Before Watchmen: Ozymandius's Jae Lee, Mad Max: Fury Road cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards and Ex Machina and Dredd concept artist Jock — to tell a "pivotal moment" in Kent's history, building to his decision to become the Man of Steel that the world will come to rely on. Ryan Sook, who has previously worked with Landis on a story for DC's Action Comics, will provide covers for the series.

Superman: American Alien was one of two new Superman projects announced during the panel, with the second, Coming of the Supermen, returning legendary comic artist Neal Adams to the character he memorably drew in the 1970s Superman vs. Muhammad Ali for a new story that will see Superman forced to team up with Lex Luthor to save the world from the threat of cosmic villain Darkseid.

Coming of the Supermen will launch in November, while Superman: American Alien remains unscheduled at this point.