Comic-Con: Preview Archaia's 'Reasons for Dragons' Graphic Novel (Exclusive)

The story is described as having shades of "The Fisher King" and "Super 8."

Reasons for Dragons, the latest graphic novel from Archaia, has been generating buzz since it was announced last year.

The book’s artist, Jeff Stokely, has been on the rise due to his comic Six Gun Gorilla, published by Archaia’s new owners, Boom! Studios.

But the book is also engendering talk inside Hollywood circles; I hear producers and studio execs have it their radars, even though the rights haven't sold -- Yet. 

What’s all the hubbub about?

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Dragons has been described as having a The Fisher King-meets-Super 8 quality as it tells the story, set in the 1980s, of a 15-year old boy, an outcast unable to connect with his stepfather. When he comes across an abandoned Renaissance Fair, he meets an old man dressed as a knight, who says a dragon was behind the fair’s fiery destruction. He asks the teen to help him track the creature down.

The book is written by Chris Northrop, a colorist who has worked for Marvel, DC and Oni.

Heat Vision is happy to offer a six-page preview of the graphic novel, which goes on sale in comic book shops July 24 and bookstores August 6.