Comics Publisher Bad Idea Reveals Details for First Title, 'ENIAC'

ENIAC Cover Main - Publicity - H 2020
Lewis LaRosa/Bad Idea
The experimental new company's first release arrives in (some) stores this May.

Bad Idea, the new comic book publisher that plans to bypass traditional sales and distribution methods, has released details about its first title. The alternate history series ENIAC comes from Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite.

Named for the real-life computer completed in 1945 for the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps after two years of construction, ENIAC's story suggests that the computer itself has been behind an extensive plan to drop an atomic bomb on Nagasaki in 1945 — a plan that seems set to end in the launching of every single nuclear weapon in the world in a handful of days unless two covert operatives can shut it down in time.

ENIAC will be the first release from Bad Idea, the new publisher that intends to limit its releases, both in terms of format — there will be neither digital releases nor collected editions — and availability. Between 20 and 50 comic book stores will distribute its titles with a one-per-customer limit enforced at each location.

The series will launch May 6 at retail locations to be released at a later date.