ComiXology Tops Apple's 2013 iPad Highest-Grossing Non-Game App Chart

ComiXology Promo - P 2014
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The leading digital comic platform in the U.S. represented 14 percent of all non-game apps in Apple's 100 top-grossing iPad apps of 2013.

For the third year running, comiXology's digital comic app for iOS was Apple's top-grossing non-game iPad app for 2013, the company has announced.

"In a billion-dollar marketplace with competition between over a million apps, it’s gratifying to rank as the top-grossing non-game iPad app in the entire iTunes app store," said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger in a statement accompanying the announcement, adding that 2013 had been "a great year" for the company.

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That might be an understatement. ComiXology has currently sold over six billion pages of material, significantly up from roughly two billion pages sold at the same time last year. Additionally, outside of their own app, comiXology's technology also powers the apps for Marvel Entertainment and DC Entertainment, which also place in the top 100 top-grossing iPad apps, meaning that the company is responsible for 14 percent of the non-game apps to appear on the chart.

In addition to iOS apps, comiXology is also available for Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8, as well as online at www.comixology.com.