ComiXology's 'Black Ghost' Is a Noir Take on Superheroes

The Black Ghost preview - Publicity - H 2019
Greg Smallwood/ComiXology
The five-part series was created by crime writers Monica Gallagher and Alex Segura.

Lara Dominguez is no Lois Lane, but that’s OK because The Black Ghost, the latest launch from Comixology Originals, is far from a Superman story. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview of the five-part series, which centers around Dominguez, a journalist hunting down the one big scoop that will make her name. She's trying to uncover the identity of the masked vigilante known as the Black Ghost, who’s been targeting those trying to take advantage of the town of Creighton. Finding the truth, however, might cost Dominguez more than she expected.

The Black Ghost is a collaboration between crime writers Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher, who also co-created the hit podcast Lethal Lit, and artist George Kambadais. The cover for the first issue comes from Greg Smallwood (Marvel’s Moon Knight), with future cover artists including Bill Sienkiewicz and Sabrina the Teenage Witch artist Veronica Fish.

In a statement about the series, co-writer Gallagher said that it is “all about what happens when you're given an amazing opportunity to do good, even if you're not quite ready for it … This was an important mindset that Alex and I were both eager to explore through Lara. By setting her demons against a pulpy, noir backdrop — which George's beautiful artwork is perfect for — we're able to contrast her personal messiness with the larger, sleeker crime world that engulfs her."

The series launches on Comixology Sept. 18, with Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and Comixology Unlimited subscribers able to read it for free. (A print collection of the series will be available via Amazon upon completion of the digital serialization.) Until then, read on for a preview from the first issue.