How 'Virtually Yours' Reimagines Rom-Coms For the App Age

The 100-page graphic novel will be released digitally July 14 via ComiXology.
Elizabeth Beals/ComiXology
The 100-page graphic novel will be released digitally July 14 via ComiXology.

Finding love is hard — as is trying to convince friends that you’re not that interested in looking just now, for whatever reason. A new title from Amazon’s digital comic publishing program ComiXology Originals takes a look at both problems, and finds an unexpected solution.

Virtually Yours, created by Jeremy Holt and Elizabeth Beals, with lettering by Adam Wollet, is described by ComiXology as “an all-new original graphic novel about dating in the 21st century.” As Holt put it in a statement, “We set out to create a rom-com that resonated with us on a personal level, by featuring characters that accurately reflect and represent our generation, while taking all of the classic rom-com tropes and turning them on their heads.

The 100 page book centers around Eva Estrella, a career-focused New Yorker who’s so tired of everyone asking when she’ll find true love that she signs up for an app that provides apparent proof of a relationship, without the effort of actually being in a relationship. Meanwhile, Max Kittridge, who works at the app creating the material used by customers, has to navigate the complications of his job and working with Eva even as he goes through a divorce.

“New York City is such a wonderfully diverse place, and our cast definitely reflects that,” added Beals, who illustrates the book. “With everyone being so different, I had a lot of fun diving into their routines, creating wardrobes for their everyday, work, or even a night out drinking with friends. And with as many unique and interesting characters that I got to draw for Virtually Yours, there’s at least a million more I wish I had a chance to explore.”

“If the quarantine has been an indicator, access to high-speed internet has become society's lifeline. As connective as this new virtual landscape has and can be, it cannot replace the absence of interacting in a three-dimensional space,” Holt argued. “Particularly when it comes to all stages of a romantic relationship.”

As with all ComiXology Unlimited releases, Virtually Yours will be available to purchase on ComiXology and Kindle, as well as being available for no additional cost to members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited. The title drops July 14, but look below for exclusive preview artwork.