'Conan the Barbarian': How Jason Momoa Prepared for the Role (Video)

The “Game of Thrones” actor shared what he listened to and looked at to become the heroic comic book character.
Simon Varsano

In what seems like the beginning of a joke, two Conans sat down on a late night-talk show – and talked about naked women.

Jason Momoa, who stars in Conan the Barbarian, sat down with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday to talk about preparing for the role of the sword-swinging hero.

O’Brien was excited to meet a fellow Conan, but explained that he wasn’t named after Momoa’s character. “My parents named me after a Gaelic bishop from like a thousand years ago,” O’Brien said on his late-night show Conan. “They had no idea about the comic book.”

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Momoa, who apparently doesn’t have a television, was previously seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. He also played Ronon Dex on Stargate: Atlantis.

O’Brien asked Momoa about preparing for the lead in Conan the Barbarian, which hits theaters Friday, Aug. 19. “You really had to get into this role into being a barbarian,” said O’Brien.

“I listened to a lot of heavy metal,” said Momoa. “And I decorated my mirror with all these Conan pictures, and then also just naked women everywhere.”

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“My wife wasn’t there in the first couple months, so it just builds up all this testosterone,” said Momoa, who is married to actress Lisa Bonet and ahs two children.

“When we’re seeing Conan, we’re just seeing a guy who is filled with sexual frustration?” said O’Brien.

“Sexual frustration. Conan is extremely sexually frustrated,” said Momoa. Momoa also mentioned that he studied animals for the movements of his characters. “I wanted to see how they prowl, to get the whole look down,” he said.