Conan O'Brien Pokes Fun at College Admissions Scandal by Pretending to Bribe Son's Way Into X-Men School

Conan - Conan O'Brien- Screengrab-H 2018
CNN's Jake Tapper reported the fake news in a segment on Thursday night's 'Conan,' that the TBS host made it seem like his son had superpowers to try to get him into The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.

Conan O'Brien poked fun at the college admissions scandal during Thursday's episode of Conan.

In March 2019, 40 people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were charged in a nationwide college entrance exam scandal. Those indicted allegedly paid millions in bribes to get their children into elite colleges.

Conan's pre-recorded bit opened with CNN's Jake Tapper reporting that O'Brien had been accused of bribing his son Dustin's way into The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, despite the fact that his son is not a mutant.

The mock news coverage continued with a clip of O'Brien being followed by reporters. "This is ridiculous. Of course he's a mutant. He's my son," he angrily shouted.

CNN then spoke to the institution's founder, X-Men character Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. "His application seemed perfectly fine to me," he said. "Ability to fly, telekinesis." He did add that he should have been suspicious of a poorly photoshopped photo of Dustin on LeBron James' body playing basketball.

The professor added that Dustin had no mutant powers and was "far from extraordinary." The sentiment was accompanied by clips of students practicing magic, while Dustin simply made a pencil roll by blowing at it.

The press continued to follow O'Brien around throughout the clip. "I did what any parent would do," he said.

Tapper reported that the TBS late-night host paid Dean Otis Bachmeier $200,000 to get Dustin admitted into the school. When the dean was approached by the press, he said, "I help lots of people. I can't remember all the names."

While O'Brien denied ever speaking to Bachmeier, Tapper played a recording of the phone conversation in which the bribe was confirmed. Throughout the phone call, the host very blatantly explained the bribe and announced their identities. When the dean asked him to be more discreet, O'Brien responded, "Nothing can happen to me. I'm a celebrity."

Tapper concluded the segment by questioning if O'Brien would serve time in prison for the bribe, as well as if his son would continue to play for the school's basketball team despite his lack of skills.

"What a jerk," Tapper said of O'Brien.

Watch the full bit below.