Conan to Team Up With Marvel's Moon Knight in New Comic Book Series

Conan Serpent War - Publicity - H 2019
Carlos Pacheco/Marvel Entertainment
The four-part 'Serpent War' will also introduce other creations from Robert E. Howard.

Days after Marvel Entertainment announced that it would be using additional characters created by Conan author Robert E. Howard in its comic book line, the publisher has revealed just where Solomon Kane and Dark Agnes will show up first — and the surprising character they’ll be teaming up with in that first appearance.

Kane and Agnes won’t just be joining Conan in their first Marvel Entertainment series, the four-issue Conan: Serpent War; they’ll also be partnering with future Disney+ star Moon Knight, thanks to some time-traveling machinations that will bring heroes from across history together to deal with the threat of the serpent god, Set.

“When we were looking at which Marvel characters could be involved with the story we'd eventually call Serpent War and what their involvement would bring into the mix, [editor] Mark Basso introduced the idea of using Moon Knight and I instantly knew he'd be a great choice,” writer Jim Zub explained to ComicBook.com, which broke the news about the series. “[Moon Knight’s Egyptian deity patron] Khonshu and Set have been at odds many times in the past and Moon Knight's troubled history gave us lots of interesting things to explore."

Zub, who’s written for Marvel’s Savage Sword of Conan series, is joined by Scot Eaton and Stephen Segovia on art. The first two issues of the series are both scheduled for release in December.