Confessional Comics Go Global With 'Get Naked' (Exclusive)

Get Naked Cover - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of Image Comics
The upcoming collection of "graphic essays" from writer Steven T. Seagle and a group of emerging international cartoonists will be released by Image Comics' Man of Action imprint in February.

Not everyone would feel comfortable getting naked in public, but Steven T. Seagle is preparing to do it 19 times this February — and Heat Vision has a special sneak peek of just what's on display.

The It's A Bird… and Kafka writer is venturing into confessional territory with Get Naked, a collection of "graphic essays" about his experiences traveling the world and stripping down, literally and metaphorically, across the globe.

Inspired by the works of Spalding Gray and David Sedaris, Get Naked will see Seagle team with a number of international artists new to the American market for stories that vary in tone, look and intent, as he gets outside of his comfort zone. The book will be published under the Man of Action imprint at Image Comics, debuting Feb. 7 in comic stores before a bookstore release on Feb. 13.

Seagle is a co-founder of Man of Action Entertainment, the creative collective responsible for Cartoon Network's Ben 10 and Marvel's Big Hero 6. The artists illustrating Seagle's confessional stories are Emei Olivia Burell, Tina Burholt, Patricia Amalie Eckerle, Christoffer Hammer, Andrada-Aurora Hansen, Rebekka Davidsen Hestbæk, Hope Hjort, Angelica Inigo Jorgensen, Bob Lundgreen Kristiansen, Silja Lin, Sim Mau, Ingvild Marie Methi, Thorbjorn Petersen, Aske Schmidt Rose, Erlend Hjortland Sandoy, Mads Ellegard Skovbakke, Cecilie “Q” Maintz Thorsen, Fred Tornager and Thomas Vium.

"It’s amazing that Image Comics not only continues to champion creators, but also to give us the space and freedom to push the form of comics into something else. In this case, graphic essays about stripping down. " Seagle tells Heat Vision. "I’m excited to introduce 19 newly minted international cartoonists via this new form, though I’m less excited about everyone seeing me naked. But that’s part of the deal with this book, so there you go."

For those looking for a taste of what to expect, read on: Heat Vision has an exclusive excerpt, featuring Seagle and Erlend Hjortland Sandoy's story about nakedness and celebrity spotting in Hollywood.