'Cottons: The Secret of the Wind' Trailer Shows a World Ruled by Animals

The anthropomorphic graphic novel epic begins next month.

Cottons: The Secret of the Wind hits bookstores next week, introducing readers to an epic tale of a post-industrial (and post-human) world ruled by animals, and the struggle between species for survival. Heat Vision has an exclusive reveal of the trailer for the project.

Secret of the Wind, the series’ first volume, centers around Bridgebelle, a seemingly-ordinary rabbit in the Vale of Industry; she works at the carrot factory, looks after her sick aunt and helps to take care of other rabbits being hunted by local foxes. But there’s more to Bridgebelle than meets the eye — she has magical powers that allow her to create transforming works of art out of everyday objects. But that’s a skill others want to use for their own purposes.

The 272-page graphic novel, written by Jim Pascoe, illustrated by Heidi Arnhold, and published by First Second Books, has been described as a mix between The Wind in the Willows and Animal Farm. The first in a trilogy of books, it’ll be released July 3.