Could the Grid End DC's 'Forever Evil'? (Exclusive Preview)

The exclusive preview of DC's "Justice League" #26 opens the mechanical character at the heart of the publisher's latest event storyline up for further investigation.

As DC Entertainment's Forever Evil nears its midway point, it turns out that not all of the Crime Syndicate are as evil as they may have originally appeared. Justice League #26, which ties in with the ongoing storyline, focuses on one such character who is more morally ambiguous than it seems: the artificial intelligence known as the Grid.

The issue, by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, is one of only two comics to be released by DC on December 24 this year, with the other being the fourth issue of Forever Evil itself. In the past, such holiday releases have tended to be reserved for issues of significant importance to not only a particular storyline, but the DC Universe as a whole. So what does Justice League #26 have up its mechanical sleeve?

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Take a look at the opening pages to the issue provided exclusively by DC, below, and wonder whether the Grid could be the undoing of the Crime Syndicate's plans.