'Creep' Trailer: Mark Duplass Is a Film Subject With Unsettling Intentions (Video)

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

Mark Duplass is a Creep in the new horror film from Blumhouse and the Duplass brothers.

In the first trailer for the low-budget chiller, filmmaker Aaron (played by director Patrick Brice) heads out to the mountains to answer an advertisement. "The ad said a thousand dollars a day, filming services, discretion is appreciated," he says.

When he arrives, he meets his employer Josef (Duplass), who explains he has terminal brain cancer and would like a film made of him for his unborn son. But over the course of the filming, Aaron is increasingly unnerved by Josef's efforts to frighten him — on a walk in the woods, Josef jumps out and howls at him, then comments to Aaron, "There was about two seconds there where it looked like you wanted to kill me" — and strange items and costumes he finds in Josef's house.

Of course, things only get worse and weirder from there. "Why do you look scared? Don’t be scared. It’ll all be over soon," says Josef near the end of the clip.

The film premiered at Sundance, where THR's critic called it "knowing and funny without straining to be clever" and "a perfectly titled picture that takes its time letting viewers decide whether they're watching a horror film or not." It's the first in a planned trilogy from Blumhouse and the Duplass brothers.

Blumhouse's new distribution label BH Tilt (recently set to release Eli Roth's delayed The Green Inferno) will release Creep on iTunes on June 23, followed by release on Netflix July 14.