Dark Horse Comics' 'Crone' Offers New Take on Growing Old

CRONE_header-Publicity-H 2019
Justin Greenwood/Dark Horse Comics
The five-part series will show the comeback of a once fearsome warrior, now facing what could be her final battle.

What happens when the ancient defender of the homeland is, in fact, an ancient defender? Dark Horse Comics has the answer in its November-launching comic book series Crone, which it described as a mix of Xena: Warrior Princess and Unforgiven.

The five-issue series, created by Image Comics’ Burnouts writer Dennis Culver and Stumptown artist Justin Greenwood, tells the story of the return of the Champion of Men once known as Bloody Bliss, called into service for the Three Kingdoms one more time. The only problem is, she’s grown old and withered since the last time she saved the day. Can she fulfill her duty no matter what?

“This is a story I've long wanted to tell.” Culver said in a statement. “Crone is about facing death after a long life of regret and trying to rise to the challenge of making up for your mistakes when given one last chance.”

Greenwood added, “The idea of our old Crone having to battle her way back to a dangerous life she’d long put away was enough to make me want to jump in but Dennis has surprised me with every issue, creating a world that marries the darkness and wonder that I like best in a fantasy story.”

Greenwood will be joined on the book by colorist Brad Simpson and Hellboy letterer Pat Brosseau.

“The art team behind Crone is nothing short of amazing,” Culver enthused. “Justin and Brad are like chocolate and peanut butter when it comes to the visuals and Pat's logo alone for the book makes the whole thing next level. You'll want to get in early on this one!”

Crone launches digitally and in comic book stores Nov. 6.