Cronenberg's 'The Fly' Returns in All-New Comic Book Sequel

'Outbreak' centers on the son of Seth Goldblum's character
Courtesy of Menton3/IDW Publishing
'Outbreak' centers on the son of Seth Goldblum's character

The spirit of Seth Brundle lives on in The Fly: Outbreak, a newly-announced comic book follow-up to the David Cronenberg horror movie from the 1980s to launch in 2015 from IDW Publishing.

Written by Brandon Seifert (who has previously worked on BOOM! Studios’ Hellraiser comic books) and artist menton3, the series will focus on the “almost-human” son of Jeff Goldblum’s character from the original movie as he continues his father’s work — with disastrous consequences.

“In the last 20 years or so, with all the advances in Genetically Modified Organisms, [Cronenberg’s original 1986 movie] has taken on a lot of meaning it didn't originally have,” Seifert said in a statement accompanying the announcement, adding that “it’s really exciting to explore those elements in this mini-series.”

The comic book is just the latest in a number of projects intended to follow Cronenberg’s movie; in addition to the 1989 The Fly II (directed by Chris Walas), an additional sequel titled Flies was developed by Renny Harlin but never filmed, with Cronenberg himself reported to be considering a sequel as recently as 2012. That project fell apart, he later explained, because his script was “a little too radical” for the studio.

The Fly: Outbreak, a five-issue miniseries, will launch in March 2015.

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