The CW's New 'Flash' Trailer Offers Comic Book Easter Eggs (Video)

The Flash Suit Crop - H 2014
<p>The Flash Suit Crop - H 2014</p>
The 30-second spot gives shout-outs to the DC Entertainment character's comic book history from the 1960s and 1990s.

Longtime comic book fans of DC Entertainment’s The Flash will get a jolt of recognition from the latest trailer for the TV adaptation of the series, with Grant Gustin introducing himself to the audience in very familiar terms.

“My name is Barry Allen,” he says in voiceover for the (fittingly) fast-cut trailer for the new fall show, “and I am the fastest man alive.” That narration—or, more appropriately, a variation on it considering that the Flash of the time was actually Wally West, not Barry Allen—appeared in nearly every issue of the comic book during writer Mark Waid’s fan-favorite run on the title from the 1990s, and its inclusion in the trailer is a nice nod to the long history of the scarlet speedster.

It’s not the only thing of interest to comic book fans in the trailer, though; as we see the Flash running in super speed in slow motion—which is to say, running—we also hear a voiceover of someone saying “Inside your body could be the map to a whole new world,” which is potentially a nod to the DC Multiverse, a group of parallel worlds that first appeared in 1961’s The Flash No. 123, “Flash of Two Worlds”—and, should anyone need it, an explanation as to how the various DC TV shows and movies could simultaneously co-exist without endlessly crossing over a la the Marvel Studios properties.

“Believe in the Impossible,” the trailer tells viewers of the series, which debuts on the CW Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8pm Eastern. Watch the new spot below.