'The Dam Keeper' Brings Oscar-Nominated Short to Comics (Exclusive Preview)

Dam Keeper Page -Publicity-Tonko House -First Second -P 2017
Courtesy of Tonko House/First Second
The graphic novel from former Pixar animators will be released in September.

Pig has a job so important that those around him don't even give it a second thought: He's responsible for keeping his village safe from a deadly black fog constantly trying to invade. When it gets in, he and his few friends go from being nobodies to being the only ones who can save the day — and Heat Vision has an exclusive preview of the graphic novel The Dam Keeper, which will reveal whether or not he's successful.

The upcoming release by former Pixar animators Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi is adapted from their 2014 Academy Award-nominated short movie of the same name. Together, the two make up two-thirds of Tonko House, an independent company created to explore storytelling possibilities beyond the studio structure. In addition to The Dam Keeper, Tonko House also is working on a feature and more shorts, as well as educational programs.

The Dam Keeper will be published in September by First Second Books.