Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird Preview 'Tomorrowland' During Facebook Chat

Tomorrowland Hugh Laurie George Clooney H 2015
<p>Tomorrowland Hugh Laurie George Clooney H 2015</p>   |   Disney/Screenshot
The duo, however, refused to spoil any secrets.

Ahead of the release of the latest trailer for the movie Monday, Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof took to Facebook to answer fan questions about their upcoming Disney collaboration Tomorrowland.

"If each film is a creature this film was a very finicky creature," Bird wrote about the challenge of directing the movie. "The line between too much information and not enough was razor thin." That concern about information is shared with audience expectations, it seems; in response to a question about whether people should avoid spoilers before seeing the movie, he cautioned, "Don't let anyone unwrap presents before Christmas."

That said, he did share that the movie was based "maybe in spirit" on Walt Disney's original plan for EPCOT, but that it was more "inspired by how the future used to be seen in contrast to how it's seen today." The movie, Bird said, reflected some of his own thoughts about what a future of tomorrow will look like, "but hopefully in a light-footed way."

Both Bird and co-writer Lindelof were vocal in their support of the movie's cast. "A zillion talented young actors auditioned for Casey," Lindelof said, but Britt Robertson "most embodied what we were looking for — a hopefulness and optimism that felt fresh without being corny."

Similarly, George Clooney was praised for the way he embodied the traits of his character. "Integrity is a key part of [Clooney's] persona," Bird wrote. "He only gets involved with things he believes in. That's also true of [his character in the film] Frank Walker." Hugh Laurie, meanwhile, was chosen not only for his ability to be smart and funny, Lindelof joked, but also because he was the only actor who could "go toe to toe with George as to who is the greatest former TV doctor."

Bird explained at one point that the movie could be seen as "a counter argument against the current obsessions with dystopia," although he added that he'd rather say it's "just a good time at the movies." Lindelof echoed that latter comment, saying that it's a movie he can share with his 8-year-old son. "I think it'll be intense and actiony (not a word) enough for him to dig it," he wrote, "but not too scary, like, y'know, Aliens popping out of people's chests."

Tomorrowland opens May 22.

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