Damon Lindelof Joins First Episode of Marvel YouTube Talk Show

Marvel Book Club - Publicity - H 2020
Marvel Entertainment
Paul Scheer hosts the six-part series 'The World's Greatest Book Club.'

Although Marvel Entertainment has been dark in terms of comic book output for the last month, with work on a number of projects placed on hold, the Disney-owned company hasn’t gone entirely inactive, instead announcing a new YouTube series celebrating comic book culture titled Marvel Presents: The World’s Greatest Book Club.

The six-part series will be hosted by Paul Scheer, who will be joined by Marvel new media head of content Stephen Wacker and a number of celebrity guests including Phil Lord, Jason Mantzoukas and Gillian Jacobs to discuss not just Marvel’s back catalog but the comic book store experience in general.

“In this time, I think it’s so important to have an escape from the real world. Getting to go through the backlog of Marvel with my friends and live in this amazing world that Stan and Jack created has been incredibly therapeutic and fun, and I hope that people read along with us,” Scheer said Thursday in a statement. “But most importantly, we are getting to spotlight local comic shops across the country. These small businesses have been there for us all these years, so we all thought it’s important that we be there for them. Where else would we go to debate who’s stronger: The Thing or The Hulk?”

Episodes of the series will be released each Thursday, with the first episode, featuring Damon Lindelof, viewable below.