Dan Aykroyd Spoiled Secret 'Ghostbusters' Announcement Months Ago

The star told Dan Rather in November that a new film was in development, and that he planned on appearing in it.

News broke on Tuesday that a secret plan to make another Ghostbusters was in the works — but Dan Aykroyd actually let that cat out of the bag months ago and even shared some details.

While speaking on AXS TV's The Big Interview With Dan Rather in November, Aykroyd, who wrote and starred in the original Ghostbusters films of the 1980s, said the third film was in the works. 

"I think we have a story that's going to work and it's being written right now by really good filmmakers. I can't say their names," Aykroyd told Rather at the time. 

Well, it turns out that one of the writers, who will also direct the film, is Jason Reitman, the son of original Ghostbusters helmer Ivan Reitman. Gil Kenan, director of the animated movie Monster House, is also working on the script for the film, which is set to go into production this summer with an eye on a 2020 release.

"They're a good team and they are making an effort to bring back all the emotion and spirit of the first two movies and then take it into the 21st century with a vernacular that's needed today to get it across," Aykroyd told Rather. 

The Sony project had been operating under the title "Rust City." A teaser trailer dropped Wednesday.

Sony is calling the new film “the next chapter in the original story,” which means the 2016 all-female team was a one-off. That reboot, directed by Paul Feig and starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, was targeted by online trolls ahead of its release and eventually bombed at the box office.

Aykroyd told Rather in November that he thought that outcome was unfortunate, but he had issues with how the Feig film was made. 

"Let me say this: The girls were really good and Paul Feig made a really good movie, and they are some great things in it and the girls are great in it. But I was mad at him because it cost too much," Aykroyd told Rather. "I don't want to slag a fellow artist, but had it cost a little less and had he listened to some of our suggestions on budget, then there might have been another girls movie and that would have been great." 

Aykroyd noted that a third film (not a reboot) would have happened soon, but co-star Bill Murray did not want to come back to play the beloved Peter Venkman.

As for the new film, Reitman did not confirm nor deny if the original characters would appear in an interview published Tuesday by Entertainment Weekly.

But in November, Aykroyd told Rather he believed Murray would come back for the new film. 

"The story is so good, he'll come, even if he plays a ghost," said the actor.