Daniel Craig Confirms Return to James Bond Role

The actor told 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert that he will be returning for his fifth film as the famous spy in 'Bond 25.'

James Bond fans were shaken and stirred Tuesday night.

Daniel Craig officially confirmed he will return to the role of Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond 25 on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. The actor had previously been reported to be attached to the project by The New York Times and others, but never confirmed it personally — until his appearance on Colbert's show.

"Yes," Craig told Colbert point-blank, when asked if he will return as the secret agent. He said he's known he would reprise the role for "a couple of months" now. "We've been discussing it, we've just been trying to figure things out," the actor explained, adding, "I always wanted to, I needed a break."

Craig also confirmed that it would be the last time he would tackle the iconic role, saying, "I just want to go out on a high note, and I can't wait."

Earlier Tuesday morning, Craig told Boston radio program Morning Magic 106.7, "I'd hate to burst the bubble, but no decision has been made at the moment. There's a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed, and I'm not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that. It's just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment. I know they're desperate to get going and I would, in theory, love to do it, but there is no decision just yet."

Craig referenced these earlier interviews during his appearance on The Late Show, saying, "I have to apologize to all the people I've done interviews with today, because I wanted to tell you," referring to Colbert.

Craig has been playing Agent 007 since 2006's Casino Royale, and has since starred in three other Bond films: 2008's Quantum of Solace, 2012's Skyfall and 2015's Spectre. The actor made headlines following the release of the most recent pic by making negative comments about the possibility of continuing the role. "I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists," the star told Time Out London in 2015 of a possible return to the role.

In regards to his comments, Craig told Colbert, "There's no point making excuses about it, but it was two days after I had finished shooting the last movie and I went straight to an interview where someone asked, 'Would you do another one?' and I went, 'No!'"

He added that instead of saying something "with style and grace," he gave "a really stupid answer."

More recently, Craig seemed to have softened his outlook toward reprising the role, however. The franchise has flourished with him in the lead role, with Spectre earning $880 million worldwide and 2012's Skyfall earning more than $1.1 billion.

The as-yet-untitled Bond 25 was officially announced by EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer last month with a slated release date of Nov. 8, 2019.

Lauren Huff contributed to this report.