Daniel Radcliffe Explains Why He Broke So Many Wands on 'Harry Potter' Series

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.
Warner Bros./PhotoFest
The actor says he did not go through as many pairs of glasses as some have said.

Daniel Radcliffe went through a lot of wands while making the Harry Potter series — and his explanation is unexpected and pretty funny.

Recently sitting down for an interview and to eat some spicy wings on the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, the actor confirmed he broke a lot of wands while playing Harry Potter for eight films, but not due to usual wear and tear.

"The wands I broke a lot because I would just like drum on my legs with it all the time," Radcliffe said. "So, once every three or four weeks, it would weaken to the point where it just snapped. So, I would say I was very sorry to the prop master, and he would give me a look like, 'Please stop drumming.'"

As for the character's glasses, Radcliffe said stories that he went through more than a hundred pairs are not true. "The reports are exaggerated, the glasses one massively so. I definitely didn't break the glasses that often at all I don't think," he said.

Radcliffe currently stars in Escape From Pretoria, based on the true story of the three political prisoners who in 1979 escaped from Pretoria Local Prison.

Watch the full interview below.