Danny Dyer to Star in J.K. Amalou's 'Assassin'

Danny Dyer - P 2013
<p>Danny Dyer - P 2013</p>   |   Getty Images
Amalou has the written the script for the "glossy action film" and will direct and co-produce with regular Dyer collaborator Jonathan Sothcott.

LONDON – Jonathan Sothcott is carving out a niche as one of the most prolific producers of British action movies.

Sothcott is teaming with J.K. Amalou to co-produce the London-set hitman thriller Assassin, starring Danny Dyer.

Sothcott and his label, Richwater Films, have already made Vendetta, starring Dyer as a special operative who goes after the gang that killed his parents while eluding both his old unit and the cops.

In Assassin, Dyer will star as a professional contract killer who compromises himself when he realizes that his latest victim is the estranged father of the girl he has fallen in love with.

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Amalou, aside from co-producing via his banner, Silver Leaf Pictures, also wrote the script and will direct.

Sothcott described Assassin as a "glossy action film" much like Vendetta.

"J.K. has written a brilliantly slick script and I cannot wait to start work with him. He’s a force of nature of a filmmaker," Sothcott said. "I look forward to continuing building the new Danny Dyer brand with Assassin and Vendetta."

Amalou, who wrote and directed Deviation, also starring Dyer, said he was looking forward to working with the actor again.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in August with the filmmakers hoping to ready a promo for the American Film Market in the fall.

Richwater’s slate for 2013-14 includes Top Dog, directed by Martin Kemp for Universal, vigilante sequel Vendetta 2: Annihilation and an untitled, "large-scale" action movie to be directed by Stephen Reynolds.

Dyer is one of a handful of British actors who commands a cult following and whose films continue to do big business in the home entertainment market.