Marvel Teases "The Death of Daredevil" Starting in October

The four-part storyline is written by Charles Soule, who wrote "Death of Wolverine" in 2014.
Courtesy of Phil Noto/Marvel Entertainment
The four-part storyline is written by Charles Soule, who wrote "Death of Wolverine" in 2014.

He has previously killed off (and is currently in the process of resurrecting) Wolverine. Now, comics writer Charles Soule is setting his sights on Daredevil, with Marvel Entertainment announcing that Soule’s last storyline on the Daredevil comic book series will have the foreboding name "The Death of Daredevil."

"A lot of writers in the past have left Daredevil in terrible situations at the end of their runs," Soule said in a promotional video released by Marvel Friday afternoon. "Brian Michael Bendis put him in prison for Ed Brubaker to handle; Mark Waid, who preceded me, had Daredevil in San Francisco, his secret identity was blown, he wasn’t a lawyer anymore. I had to handle all of that. So, I wanted to carry on in the tradition of leaving Daredevil in the worst spot imaginable, and letting the next writer somehow deal with this impossible problem that Matt [Murdock] would never get out of. And I wanted to make mine the biggest one that has ever been done."

The four-part storyline will run in Daredevil Nos. 609-612, released on a bi-weekly schedule throughout October and November. Art on the storyline will come from Soule’s former creative partner on the Star Wars: Poe Dameron series, Phil Noto.

In the unlikely event that Marvel is planning on actually killing Matt Murdock, it’s arguably the best time to do so. The third season of Netflix’s Daredevil series will be released Oct. 19, two days after the first issue of "The Death of Daredevil" will be released in comic book stores and on digital platforms. This will succeed in raising the character to an especially high profile just in time for his farthest fall yet.