Dark Horse Expands 'Terminator's' Impact in 'Enemy of My Enemy'

Terminator Enemy Promo - P 2014
<p>Terminator Enemy Promo - P 2014</p>   |   Jamal Igle/Dark Horse Comics
A second Terminator travels back to the 1980s -- but he's not after John Connor in this spring's new comic book miniseries.

If you've ever wondered whether or not the despotic robot overlords of the Terminator franchise were a little too focused on one man, you're not alone -- writer Dan Jolley not only had the same thought, he also had an opportunity to address it with the newly-announced comic book spin-off, Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy.

"If Skynet has the capability of utilizing time travel to eliminate people who pose a threat to it, do we accept that the only person who ever posed a threat was John Connor?" Jolley asked Comic Book Resources in an interview about the new series. "If that's the theory you go with, then I could see the entire franchise revolving around Sarah Connor only. But if you consider that maybe more than one human out of several billion might have been a problem for Skynet, what that means is that there are potentially boatloads of stories about Terminators going after other, unrelated people. This is one of those stories -- and it includes a dynamic involving a Terminator that I don't think we've seen before."

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Enemy of My Enemy also differs from other Terminator tales by removing one of the traditional ingredients of the franchise to date: The friend from the future. "What I wanted to do is pose the question, what happens if the resistance isn't able to send anyone back?" he asked. "What if it's just Terminator vs. 'uninitiated' humans?"

The humans in question are Elise Fong, a scientist working on lab-grown skin, and Farrow Greene -- whom Jolley described as "half Gina Torres, half Gina Carano -- a former CIA assassin who's out to get Fong for her own reasons, which puts her at odds with the Terminator sent back to kill her.

"This story is set firmly in the mythology of the films, but concentrates on a different cast of characters," Jolley said. "I never thought Skynet would have only had one target that it wanted to get rid of. This is about a target we simply haven't heard about before and the humans who get caught up in this Terminator's mission."

Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy, illustrated by Jamal Igle, is scheduled for a May launch.