Dark Horse Forecasts 'Project Black Sky' For 2014

The Oregon-based publisher rebrands its superhero line for 2014, promising that new stories will "explain these heroes, how they came to be in this new world we're creating."
Dark Horse Comics

The skies above Dark Horse Comics' various superhero properties aren't looking too bright for 2014 -- in fact, the publisher intends to bring each of the properties together under the new banner "Project Black Sky" to emphasize just how cloudy the future seems.

"Basically, Project Black Sky is something that's been going on for some time within the story, and we're going to see how all of these characters have been affected by a single incident that took place some time ago," Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson told Comic Book Resources about the new branding. "It'll explain these heroes, how they came about to be in this new world we're creating."

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The first Project Black Sky releases will come next month with the branding replacing the Dark Horse Comics logo in the top left-hand corner of the appropriate titles. A separate Project Black Sky comic is being released as part of May's Free Comic Book Day event.

"We've been thinking out well ahead, so we know where we're going. We know the characters that are coming in," Richardson said about the publisher's plans for its superhero line. "This has been in the works story-wise for the last several years. It's not something we're just launching; it's something we've been planning for some time. We've been working on this for a very long time."

The Project Black Sky branding launches on issues of Ghost, X, Captain Midnight, Skyman and Brain Boy in January.