Dark Horse Publisher Promotes Independent Pedigree

Mike Richardson talks up his company's history in putting creators first in an interview, explaining what Dark Horse has to offer them.
Mike Mignola/Dark Horse Comics

The loss of the Star Wars license to Marvel is undoubtedly a blow to independent publisher Dark Horse Comics, but as founder and publisher Mike Richardson explained in a recent interview, it's a loss that allows the company to return to its roots.

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Richardson called Dark Horse "a place where creators have a say in their creations and where they can take control of the trademarks and copyrights on their material and then get paid for what they do. They may take a little more of the risk, but ultimately they get the reward."

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Among the creator-owned titles that have been published by Dark Horse are some well-known titles, including Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Frank Miller's Sin City, both of which launched in the 1990s.

He compared the company to other independent publishers in the industry. "We have our own design department in house," he said. "We have our own art director. We have a full marketing department. We are a full-service publisher, and I don't know if that's true of every publisher out there. So we can offer a lot of resources that other publishers may not have."

"We're working right now with many creators, and I think that gets lost in the news that we're losing Star Wars or some other thing," Richardson said. "There's all kinds of entertainment distribution technology being created as we sit here, and what they desperately need is IP."