Dark Horse's 'Black Hammer' Takes Meta Look at Superhero Genre (Exclusive Video)

What if the "never-ending battle" of being a superhero just … ended? And what if that ending wasn't exactly by choice? Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dean Ormston explore that idea in the upcoming comic book series Black Hammer, which takes a unique look at the superhero genre as a whole, and THR has the exclusive reveal of the trailer for the new title.

The series follows five superheroes who disappeared following a cosmic, reality-bending battle known as the Event, only to find themselves trapped in a town they've never heard of and are unable to leave. After 10 years at Black Hammer Farm, what has become of the one-time world's greatest heroes, and would they even want to leave their idyllic new lives?

Originally announced in 2014, the series has been in the works even longer, with Lemire and publisher Dark Horse Comics originally coming together in 2007 to begin work on the book. In the interim Lemire has built a reputation at both DC and Marvel, where he's worked on such titles as Justice League United, Animal Man, Extraordinary X-Men and Hawkeye — all of which has helped him create this metatextual investigation into superheroes and the history of the genre and the medium as a whole.

He's joined on the project by Ormston, a British artist whose resume includes Judge Dredd, Predator and Vertigo's Lucifer.

The series launches digitally and in comic book stores July 20.