Dark Horse's 'Earth Boy' Introduces a New Hero

Earth Boy
Ron Chan/Dark Horse Comics
The March 2021 graphic novel comes from the 'Plants vs. Zombies' creative team of Paul Tobin and Ron Chan.

An upcoming graphic novel from Oregon publisher Dark Horse Comics demonstrates that being a hero is as much about overcoming personal emotional battles as it is about saving the galaxy — although, sometimes, that last one is required, as well.

Earth Boy is the story of Benson, a young boy who’s dreamt for years of becoming a Galactic Ranger, and finally has the opportunity to make those dreams come true — if he can make it through the combination of an unfamiliar, scary new environment and bullies in order to get there.

The middle-grade book is the work of Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Angry Birds, Bandette) and Ron Chan (Stranger Things, Husbands), the creative team behind the massively successful Plants vs. Zombies series, which Earth Boy publisher Dark Horse has been releasing since 2013.

Earth Boy will be in stores March 24, 2021 — and is available for pre-order now — but The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview below.