Dark Horse's New Superhero is 'Never Ending'

New superhero series takes a sideways look at the life (and frustrating lack of death) of the world's greatest hero.
Robert Love/Dark Horse Comics

Heroes like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man don't have to worry about getting old -- constant reboots and the need for young, vital lead characters have seen to the natural aging process. But what happens if a superhero who's become immortal decides that living forever is more of a curse than a blessing? Dark Horse Comics' new series Never Ending puts a spin on a familiar genre trope.

Written by Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride, co-creators of the critically acclaimed digital series Amelia Cole, Never Ending is the story of Charles Baxter, an ordinary guy who received superpowers in 1950 and did what anyone in a comic book would do with them: fight crime. But after a few decades of playing superhero, he starts to notice a downside to the career -- not least of which being a certain familiarity with the idea of constantly having to deal with your arch-nemeses.

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What follows is a series that plays with the superhero genre at the same time as it plays with the narrative format, with the story unfolding out of chronological order as Baxter realizes that he and his sworn enemy, scientist Archibald Crane, have exactly the same aim in life: the death of Charles Baxter.

Described by publishers Dark Horse as a "strange, stunning superhero adventure," Never Ending purposefully doesn't live up to its title -- it unfolds over just three monthly issues, with art by Robert Love. The series launches today, with the first issue released in comic book stores and digitally. For those wondering what happens when Superman gets tired of dealing with Lex Luthor and the rest of Metropolis' many bad guys, consider Never Ending an early Thanksgiving treat.